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Early Birthday Celebration

Birthday season is upon us as you will notice by the amount of cakes in recent blog posts. We celebrated Gsa Gsa's birthday a little early since we had some special visitors for the weekend. Ryder is anxiously counting down the birthdays that lay ahead of his.


Cold Weather Fun

My boys are obsessed with boxes. I can't even begin to tell you all the ways they find to play with them. I am sure going to miss the day when I don't have an over-sized box laying around in my living room.
The boys have had way too much iPad time this winter. But look how adorable they are while doing it. And calm, so so calm.
These pictures are taken from inside our playroom. Brandon took the boys out to sled/play on the big mound in the park behind our house.


Valentine's Day

 Ryder worked so hard to write each of his friend's name on their valentine. It took a few different sessions for him to get through the list of nine. Jack was so interested to watch. Without me knowing Ryder even gave Jack his own. So sweet.
Not to be left out, Jack made his own homemade valentine.


Papa's Birthday

 Poor little Ryder. His eyes were bigger than his stomach. He was so sad about the size of his piece of cake. He recovered enough to each about 75% of it before declaring himself full.


So we got the boys a karaoke machine for Christmas.

I was worried  they would just use it amplify their yelling. Thankfully, there hasn't been too much of that. What I didn't expect was Hudson's love of the karaoke machine. Every time it is played with this is what Hudson want to do...


18 Months

You would think after three we'd have a handle on the toddler stage, but Hudson is proving that theory wrong. He is a ball of energy and he knows what he wants (and usually gets it).  What a wonderful addition to our brood of boys. We all adore our little Hudson Budson. Love you, buddy.
 He grunted until I let him have some props for the photo shoot. Seriously, I don't make this stuff up.
And for comparison...
Hudson 18mo 
Jack 18mo
Ryder 18 mo


Enjoying the Snow

Despite the amount of snow we've had, this was only our second time out to play in the snow. The boys beg to stay out longer despite red cheeks and runny noses. And now the snow is welcome to melt and water the ground for all those spring flowers.


Three and a half

two and a half
 one and a half
Love you to the moon and back, Jack-a-roo!