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 I was so happy when Ryder was elated to see the hallway decorated for his birthday wake up. I had feared that he might start to think it was silly or not a big deal. Nope. He loved it. I'm sure the day will come when he'll cross the threshold of his bedroom with an eye roll, but I'm thankful this was not the year. 
Birthday tag. Ryder couldn't have been happier. He loves to run especially with Daddy. The perfect end to turning five. The middle part of the day is undocumented due to a stomach bug I came down with, but Ryder barely noticed because he was so loved on by everyone else. Highlights of the day for Ryder: marking his height on the growth chart, taking jello jigglers to preschool, perusing Target for the perfect toy with Aunt Kylee, a pretzel from the mall, watching Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2, and homemade pizza made by Jack.  It wasn't exactly what I had planned, but I was reminded that little boys are just as happy with a game of tag with dad as they are with grand plans. 

We love you more than you'll ever know. You are a gift to us, and we are so thankful for you. Happy Fifth Birthday to our rambunctious, tender, competitive, orderly, loving boy. 


Sixty Degrees

We enjoyed our first sixty degree day of the year by introducing Hudson to our favorite warm weather past time...a long walk including a stop to the park and throwing some rocks in the river. Hudson didn't skip a beat, joining right in with his big bros.
 The boy thinks he's three. He climbed right up this slide and without hesitation went down. Thankfully, I had run over to catch him. It's a fast slide, and he would not have like it if I hadn't. Then he did it over and over until it was time to go.
 And of course, I had to document Ryder's last night as a four year old. Tear.


Japanese Steak House For Our (almost) Five Year Old

Brandon and I went to a Japanese steak house earlier this year and decided immediately we wanted to take Ryder there for his fifth birthday. We made a little celebration of it.
 An Angry Birds cake was Ryder's request. We searched Pinterest for one that we were able to do ourselves. The boys actually did a lot of the decorating which was really fun.
 The group.
 This is Hudson "smiling" for the picture and eating salad. Woohoo!
 Ryder discovers he likes shrimp.
 The restaurant gave Ryder fried ice cream for dessert. The three boys gobbled that up like you wouldn't believe.
 Jack absolutely loved the experience. Even more so than Ryder. He was out within two minutes of leaving.
 The five year old and his cake.


Field Trip to the Fire Station

 Ryder was nice enough to let me accompany him to the fire station with his preschool class. It was very interesting. They got to see every part of the station including a group of fire fighters get all dress in their gear as fast as they could.
 Ryder is so subdued when he is with his class. It is fun to watch him interact with his friends and teacher. It's very different from when he is with his brothers.
 This was to show Jack how tall the tires were compared to how tall Ryder was.


Happy Spring!!!

We enjoyed playing outside on our ice free sidewalks. 
We shoveled the last of the snow in our yard. Be gone! 
We awoke the next day to find a two inch blanket of snow. Boo. 
Thankfully, it all melted by two in the afternoon, and we were able to play outside again.


Wacky Wednesday

It was Wacky Wednesday at Awanas. The boys went all out. Jack actually won the "wackiest award" and got a piece of candy.


 Our last (I seriously hope) snow for Winter 2014. The snows this winter really have been beautiful. I can say that now that the snow is 80% melted from our yard. FINALLY! And it is raining today which will hopefully finish the job.
Lego dino
Getting the wiggles out at the mall. Must check EVERY SINGLE compartment for a free goodie. It doesn't help that they one the first time one of them looked they found something. 


Three Peas in a Pod

Ryder and Jack have been looking forward to the time when Hudson could join them in their room. It happened and it went just as smoothly as when Jack joined Ryder two years ago. I'm sure as the newness wears off we'll have some mischief, but for now we're enjoying the sweetness of it.


A Get Together

We did finally manage to squeeze in one last visit with the Hankins Family before sweet Hankins baby number four makes his grand entrance. We'd already had to cancel twice due to sickness, so the kids were beyond excited to make it happen.
Jack and Lilly had a tea party. It was the cutest ever! And in thirty years, they can have their second date.
Then there was this. Owen and Ryder are the best of buds and play/ wrestle so well together. They'd interrupt their play time every once and a while to have a wrestling match.
Then they'd gather themselves and play something calm.
Hudson and Gibson did play together a tad bit when we first got there but they haven't quite realized the gem they have in each other yet. 

We look very forward to seeing our fourths meet and grow up together too.



Baby Boy #4
 And the money shot :)

Four boys! Whew! We are in for a lot of fun. I envision so many great things with this brood of boys. Now we anxiously await his arrival sometime around the seventeenth of July. And yes, I'll accept any invites for some girl time for the next eighteen years.


Crazy Hair

Look how big he is getting.
 His chubby toes and crazy hair make me swoon!