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Hints from a birthday card...

1. Ryder likes to learn when he is interested. He isn't at all interested in my trying to "test" him to see what he knows. Here I was thinking Ryder didn't even know his letters, but when I asked him to make a card for a friend he not only knew the letters (I spelled for him, of course) he knew how to write them all except the N. 
2. Ryder doesn't really like to make cards. Notice the four dots. That's the extent of his decorating despite access to just about every craft supply you could imagine.


Picnic at the Park

A simple sandwich and fruit dinner at the park while daddy was away last week was the perfect to solution to feeling a little cooped up.


Ryder and Owen's Bday Celebration

This year we forwent a bigger friend party and just had the Hankins family up for a celebration for Ryder and Owen.
 First off Brandon and Jimmy took the birthday boys go carting.
 It is located in a local bowling alley, so they got to do a little bowling also.
 Then the much anticipated pinata. The boys have been asking about a pinata since Ryder's bday party last year. I must say five year olds have much harder swings than four year olds. The kids were able to bust it open on their own this year.
 Then, of course, this happened.
 Jack and Lilly lovingly created this beautiful creation for their big brothers.
 Then the oldest three of the group headed to the Silverhawk's baseball game with the dads. I don't think they had any fun at all.
 A sweet gentleman gave Jack a foul ball which he is very proud of.
 Jack's one request was cotton candy.

 To break up the game, they have a little fun park area set up that the boys enjoyed to the fullest.
The gang


Life Lately

The winter weather certainly took its toll on my blogging and picture taking (as I'm sure you noticed). Life continued though with lots of sweet, little ordinary moments.  Loads of pics of the boys running outside and throwing rocks in the river are right around the corner. Until then here are some of the happenings around here I did manage to capture.
 We found a smoothie recipe that we think quite tasty. We've been making it regularly. The boys love to assist. And if you are ever making Jack a smoothie, don't try to sneak in a little banana. He is a banana hater and tastes even the faintest hint. 
 Hudson being cute and loud. Oh so loud. 
 We've started this sweet little routine of easing into the day with a little Wild Krats watching and milk drinking. Most days the boys are snuggled under the same blanket. It is a sweet moment before the craziness of the day begins.
 Ryder requested Jello jigglers for his birthday treat for preschool. I found a new recipe that I wanted to try out before I actually had to present them to ten other preschoolers. The boys, of course, didn't disagree. 
 All day, everyday
 Jack is starting to show interest in writing his name. He demands his J has a line on the top :)
 Out to lunch for Papa Joe's birthday. Hudson reveled in all the attention as the only brother to get to tag along. 
I walked in to find Jack watching a movie like this. 
"Momma, look at my bed I made".