I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Last Day of Preschool

 Ryder has his first year of school under his belt. I never would have imagined how much he would have loved it. Despite my many warnings, I don't think he realizes that it is ending today. I think he is going to have a long summer waiting for kindergarten next fall. 
This past Wednesday Ryder's class had a little brunch that Jack and I attended. Ryder performed some songs and got his preschool certificate. He actually sang and did the motions and was so proud to show Jack his classroom and friends. 
 Miss MaryBeth.
Such a wonderful teacher. Ryder adores her. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher for him. 


Raising Our Butterflies

We started with nine caterpillars and ended with nine butterflies that we released on a sunny morning. I abhor everything about this annual project we do. I am a nervous wreck about those little creatures the entire time they are in my care. The boys on the other hand, love every minute of it. This year they even named all of them. We hope you are enjoying your new life in the wild Honey, YaYa, Pecuey, Honey Do, Maferd, Paula, Jerago, Hanger, and Oller. 


Awana's Banquet

Another year of Awana is in the books. We celebrated with a little awards ceremony. Sorry for the terrible pictures, but the boys were proud of their awards. They both worked hard this year to learn all of the verses and complete their books. 
Ryder seems to think it a requisite to make this face at the Awana's banquet. Check out last year's pic



I felt so loved and celebrated on my birthday. I woke up to bedroom door decorations (which my loving hubby isn't so much a fan of doing, but did it anyway) and a smiling Jack waiting patiently in the hallway for me to come out. He enthusiastically greeted me with a "Happy Birfday, Momma". It seriously was the sweetest thing that happened all day. I'll remember that moment forever. My boys picked out thirty balloons for me. My mom and sister organized for people to shower me with birthday cards. And so many of you wrote sweet little notes. Thanks so much to each of you who took the time to do that. It was a lot of fun opening card after card. 
We topped off the great day cake and ice-cream at GsaGsa's and Poppa's house. 
I'm grateful for another year with this crew and the thirty week old baby growing big and strong in my belly. Thankful for so many people who love me. Age ain't nothing but a number anyways!


 My boys are so impressed with my mediocre pancake creations. "You're the best pancake maker ever!" How can that not make one's heart swell. 
 We were all not having the best morning, so we went outside for a picnic breakfast. Thankfully, we soaked up the sun for a good long while. We haven't seen it since that morning. 
 Jack often requests to take pictures. Here's sweet baby boy number four at twenty eight weeks. I wanted you to see the infamous shirt of mine. Jack and Ryder are both very confused by it.
Jack: "Momma, why are you wearing jeans as a shirt?"
Ryder: "That shirt is kind of weird, Mom. Jeans are pants, but you have them as a shirt. Why?"
Neither of them were around each other when the other commented on it. 
Flower love from Jack


Kindergarten Open House

Sniff, sniff.
As much as it saddens me that Ryder is getting so big, I am equally excited for him. He LOVES school and all that comes along with it. I think he is going to rock kindergarten. We have chosen to send him to the same school he goes to for preschool. His teacher seems great. We are all looking forward to the upcoming school year.
 He was a bit timid but quickly warmed up once he realized he could play with all the fun things in the room. 
 Jack and Hudson didn't think it was too bad either. 
We celebrated with a little post open house frozen yogurt.