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Summerfest 2014

 Hudson got his first taste of a bounce house today. It was a little sad because his brothers were too big for it and he was too small for the ones they could go on. He is so used to doing what they do, he seemed a little bored in there by himself. He did have fun though.
 Hudson was over the moon when he spotted Jack and Ryder through one of the windows.
Of course, we watched the annual racing pig show.
 The much anticipated elephant ear. The boys waited all day for this and it didn't disappoint.
 Clapping and dancing: two of Hudson's favorite activities.


Summer Night's Swim

It is funny how winter break can alter a kid's feelings about swimming so much. At the end of last summer all three boys were fearless and crazy about water. At the beginning of this summer Ryder still loves it, Jack is very timid but really wants to do it, and Hudson is pretty meh about it especially if the water is cold. 
Jack was acting like a seal catching fish a.k.a googles I would throw to him. The baby and I stayed poolside for this trip to the pool.
Daddy braved all three boys in the big pool by himself. 
Ryder is a fish. Swimming off to explore
and jumping in "so his head goes under the water".
Mr. Independent insisted on walking unassisted with a huge heavy towel.
When it got to be too much he had to drag it. 
Drinking out of an adult water bottle
Not letting me push his on his tricycle
And when using his legs got to be too hard, he pushed it the ENTIRE way home. My neighbor commented on my level of patience. I said I was just too pregnant and tired to fight him. 


8 Years

 With three little ones and me being 36 weeks pregnant, we knew a typical anniversary date was out of the question. We did our best to make the most of our special day.
 No one can compete with Daddy's under dogs.
That is until you learn to pump your legs and swing yourself. Ryder is so proud of himself. 
Then we got SOAKED when it unexpectedly started pouring down rain. We had to walk about three blocks to get to our car. We were a little wet to say the least. Dinner plans were cancelled.
We headed home for ravioli and a dance party (guitars included). 
Thankful for eight years of marriage and all those eight years have included. 


An Evening of Fun

It was National Donut Day, so Krispy Kreme was giving away a free donut of your choice. We are not a family to miss an opportunity for a free donut. We loaded up and started making our way. I looked back to find Hudson like this serious as could be. The boy loves his accessories. 
 Hudson has come up with a lovely smile face. 
 Then we headed to the splash pad. It is amazing how much braver the boys are with Brandon by their side. 
 I had hoped for a picture of all the guys begin sweet. Instead we had an impromptu "gun show". Sometimes you just gotta roll with what you're given.
 Oh my, these three have seemed to be extra ornery lately (yes, I am aware it probably more the fact that I am really pregnant than them actually being any different than usual), but when I look at these pictures I just want to run and wake them up and get the day started. I am one blessed momma.