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Was There Ever a More Loved Little Brother?

 Jack (aka Captain America) works so hard to lull Noah to sleep.
 Hudson spotted a receiving blanket somewhere around the house and rushed to cover up Noah. 
This baby is worn out after his first day as a true littlest brother. 
Sweet dreams, Noah. 
You are so loved.



We picked up the big boys and boy did we miss them. I so enjoyed the time with just Noah, but come a week and I was ready for my wild and crazy boys to be back home.
 Ryder and Jack couldn't wait to hold Noah. Sorry for the poor pictures. Trying to take a good picture while also trying to keep a small child from dropping/ hurting a newborn is not a skill I've mastered. 
 Then we headed out to dinner where Hudson entertained us all. 
 We are happy to all be together again. 
Let the fun begin!


An Only Child

Gsa Gsa and Poppa took the older three boys to stay with them for a week after Noah was born. It is such a sweet time to bond and heal and stare at our sweet new addition. We did lots of laying around.
Papa Joe came to visit.
 More lounging.
 One of the days we drove up to the beach. We haven't been there all summer and the thought of now having to take four boys is a bit frightening. So Brandon, Noah, and I made our way north for Noah's first visit to the beach.

He found his fingers and happily sucked and slept the entire time. 
 We ate at the cutest little pizza joint which Noah also slept through.
 Noah Walker got to meet his namesake, Poppa Keith Walker, along with Aunt Jan and Grace.
 Not sure how much of this we will be able to sneak in once the bigger boys are back, but we sure ate it up for this week. 

Shout out to Gsa Gsa and Poppa for all the help. Thank you very much!

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Last Day in the Hospital and First Night Home

Due to the timing of Noah's birth, we had to leave the hospital before midnight on Wednesday night. The problem was that Noah needed to have his newborn screening 48 hours after he was born. That meant we couldn't leave until after the test they had to administer at 11:54PM. It made for a long day, but we made the most of it. 
 The hospital now offers a celebratory dinner the last night of your stay. Fancy, fancy!
 Our two visitors for the day, Jenna and Jessie.
 Noah had a rough day. All day he was unhappy. Finally, Brandon found a way to soothe him. Look at that look of accomplishment.
 All ready to go home.
 The crying was short lived. Thankfully, Noah seems to like being in the carseat.  
 Fourth time bringing a new baby home and every bit as exciting.
 I was trying to get a picture of him all ready for bed and caught this little gem. Look at that sweet smile.
 Snug as a bug on his first night at home. Noah did so well or maybe we have just lowered our expectations to a more realistic level. Either way we count it a success.
 Morning greetings


Noah Meets His Big Brothers

 Ryder and Hudson enjoyed meeting Noah. They oohed and ahhed. Then they moved on to explore the room and have some fun. Jack on the other hand was enamored. He wanted to hold him immediately and would have been happy to hold him the entire visit. When he was leaving (the boys are headed to GsaGsa and Papa's for the rest of the week), Jack said "What are you going to do with my baby all week?".  I so look forward to seeing him with Noah when he gets back. 
 Our first family picture. 
 And a solo shot of the newest Rodriguez boy. 


Welcome to the World, Noah Walker

 Noah Walker Rodriguez
 July, 21 2014 at 11:54 PM
 8lb 10oz
 21 inches
 Labor was fast and furious. And our first night went well. 
 We are so very thankful for our little Noah. 
(and a little tired too)