I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


One Month

Oh, Noah. He is such a sweet baby boy. Poor little guy has a very, very short awake time. By the time he is fed and changed, he is ready to go back to sleep. You can imagine how this makes getting a picture difficult. I tried on three different days to get a better picture of him. This one will serve as a reminder that Noah knew how to communicate what he wanted from an early age. "No I don't want to pose for a picture. Put me to bed NOW!". Noah likes to eat twice a night. He weighed in a 10 pounds 9 ounces. He has good neck control, likes to be swaddled, and won't take a paci. He isn't a big fan of any baby gear preferring to be held. Towards the end of the month he started smiling. His big brothers adore him maybe a little too much at times. 
Love you lots, Noah Walker.

Weight: 10 pounds 9 oz (59th percentile)
Height: 22 inches (62nd percentile)
Head Circumference: 15 1/2 inches (93rd percentile)

 Hudson (1 month)
 Jack (1 month)
Ryder (1 month)


Ryder's a Kindergartener

He LOVED school. He was looking so forward to it and was so excited about going that I didn't even get teary dropping him off in his room. Shocking, I know. Brandon and I are just so happy that he loves it. He said his teacher was nice. He made two friends. One sits next to him (Josiah) and one sits across from him (Allen). He did not make friends with any girls and is appalled at even being asked the question. His favorite parts of the day were legos and making letters in shaving cream. And if he keeps a green sticker all day on the behavior chart at the end of the day he gets a lollipop. I am happy to report he came to van (Might I add, the carpool lane really makes you feel like Mom.) after school he was happily chewing on his lollipop. 


The Pfaffs Visit

The Pfaffs were nice enough to stop by and visit us for a few days on their way to Wisconsin. (Olivia, Owen, Saveia, and Summer: You were missed!) Can you tell the boys were a little excited?


Beach Party

It's been a cooler summer of which the majority of it I have been pregnant. Therefore despite living within an hours drive of a beautiful beach we had yet to go. We decided to have a little beach day for Jack and Hudson's birthday party. If you are only going to make it to the beach once a year, this is the way to go.
 Noah slept in someone's arms the entire time. The grandmas loved it.
 The water was FAH-REEZING! Even so Ryder was in it a lot.
 Trying to warm up.
 Jack's sand ice-cream.
 Hudson made friends with some kids with lots of fun beach toys and played with them for a solid hour and half. The googles were on his face the entire time we were at the beach.
 More grandma snuggles.
 Then we headed home for presents and cupcakes.
 Jack got a Fisher Price camera that takes actual photos. He kept wanting to take pics of everything.
 Hudson followed suit by getting his toy phone and taking a few "photos" with it. A true sign of the times.
 Pause for a picture.
 It was Papa Chico's actual birthday, so we celebrated all three guys.


A Hankins Visit

Noah got to hang with his buddy, Everett, for a bit. Let's hope they are as good as friends as their daddies and oldest brothers are. 
 And, of course, there was a lot of playing outside.


Happy 2nd Birthday, Hudson Oliver

 Last picture with my one year old
 Hudson two going on ten.

Happiest Birthday to my favorite two year old in the whole wide world. 


2 Weeks Old

This fourth child finally got his first bath a few days ago. Just like the other three, he loved it. 
 Brandon did the honors. Such a good daddy!
 Happy two weeks, little man. 
 We love you!
I promise more pics of the other boys soon. Noah and I are still trying to figure out a feeding/sleeping schedule. It leaves me taking care of him the majority of the time. We'll get it figured out soon, and I'll be back to annoying the older boys by snapping too many photos. 


Noah Update

Our babies always sleep in our room for the first few months. There is nothing sweeter than this sight before going to bed. I'm sure Brandon is over me telling him how sweet Noah looks all the time. It's true though. I can't get enough.
 We finally gave the pacifier a try. Noah seemed to like it. Since then it has been hit and miss as to if he will take it or not. Brandon has more luck than I do. 
Noah is doing well in all areas except going back to sleep after his 3 a.m. feeding. We are adjusting fairly well to being a family of six. It's more the fact that we have three other kids and a newborn that makes it seem overwhelming at times. But the times it isn't overwhelming far out way the craziness.


Happy Fourth Birthday, Jack!

Last night with my three year old
 Waking up. I actually missed him actually walking through, but he happily recreated his excitement. 
 The birthday boy!
(He loves to sleep in big t-shirts)
 I had baked his cake the night before hoping we could decorate it the day of his birthday. A little over thirty minutes before we were supposed to be eating it, I dumped it to  get this...
 At first Jack was upset, but he was happily soothed with a spoon of icing. I really try not to calm my kids by giving them sweets. However, your mom ruining your birthday cake with no time for a replacement calls for an exception.
 Thankfully, I had only dumped one of the two round cakes. We left the the other in the pan it was cooked in and decorated that. Jack and all the boys for that matter didn't even know the difference. Jack decided on the blue Ninja Turtle, Leonardo, cake. 
 He insisted his balloon be in his cake picture with him.
 Hudson was thrilled about the cake. He kept trying to sneak finger swipes of icing while Jack opened his gifts. 
 Noah was laying down when it was time to eat cake and take the family picture. You know how the saying goes...Never wake a sleeping baby.
 I had to spoon the cake out with a spoon. It was so bad I couldn't even eat it. The boys weren't phased. 
 Noah woke up in time to enjoy bubbles It was a great end the birthday celebration.
This is how Jack reacted to every single gift he got. It didn't matter the size or cost of the gift, he was just as excited. It was fun to watch.
Happy Birthday to our sweet, fun loving, inquisitive, passionate four year old. 
You are so loved.