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Noah: Two Months

Noah is one loved on little guy. He likes lots of sleep, smiling at ceiling fans, and being held by his daddy. Thankfully, he has started to have longer wake times, so I was able to take a picture where he wasn't so unhappy this month. I look forward to discovering his personality and how he fits into our family as he continues to grow and develop. Much love to you, Noah Walker.
(two months)

(one month)

And for comparison...
 (Ryder: 2 months)
(Jack: 2 months)
(Hudson: 2 months)

(Noah: 2 months)



It only took six weeks to be able to get this picture. But its such a good photo, it was worth the wait.


Life Lately

BUSTED! The boys started going downstairs in the morning and not waking us up. Apparently, Hudson was hungry and being the resourceful boy that he is, he decided to grab himself a banana or three.
 Ryder: "Mom, come here quick! Bring the camera!
Me: (grab camera and head upstairs) What?
Ryder: Look at what I did. You have to take a picture. (He moved those two planes next to each other and was very proud about the look it created.)
 Jack and Hudson wanted to do "homework" with Ryder. They created patterns with cereal and pasta. Hudson did more eating than patterning.
 The boys were so excited to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We didn't even give them ice or cold water. I think they would all agree that it is more fun to watch than do.
 Buying time during a lunchtime showing. And yes, Hudson is licking his ketchup out of the cup. And yes, he has nuggets right in front of him.
 We've made some trips to Indy lately. Gsa Gsa wanted a picture with each boy. Hudson was not happy about Ryder going first and photo bombed the camera last minute.

There that's better.
 Now its Hudson's turn.
Jack was too busy jumping around like a mad man to be bothered with pictures.