I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Halloween

This just wasn't our year for trick or treating. Grumpy boys, cold temps, and rain do not a fun Halloween make. This is the only picture I got of anyone in a costume this year. Boo! 
 Jack and Ryder did trick or treat a little. Hudson stayed in the warm house and passed out candy. Their attitudes sure did change when they surveyed their candy. 
Alls well that ends well. 



We are milking this Halloween season for all it's worth. Thank Uncle Bill and Aunt Lisa for the Halloween goodies. The boys thought they had won the lottery.


Dream Come True

Our neighborhood is just wonderful. The boys have made several friends and enjoy having them over regularly. We've already been to a neighborhood get-together and our neighbor across the street drives Ryder to school every morning. We are LOVING our new house.
 Not to mention the huge, flat driveway for riding bikes and playing basketball. 
 We especially love our neighbor, Prince. He's become a regular at our house, and we couldn't be happier. 
I'll have to save the backyard for another post, but it is equally as enchanting for the boys. But the leaves. We are swimming in leaves. Good thing Brandon will have many helpers in a few years. 


3 Months

Looking back at the three older boys' 3 month posts, I can't help but wonder if Noah is just a little more difficult than the others. Or maybe, I was just all sunshine and roses when it came to monthly updates, leaving out all the not so fun stuff. We are just having a harder time figuring this little dude out. Either way here is what Noah has been up to this month...
*Batting at toys
*Trying really, really hard to grab toys
*Cooing if you talk to him
*Sleeping great during the day
*Waking 2-3 times a night to feed
*Loving his Daddy
*Sitting in his Bumbo
*Taking in all the action around him 
*Sucking on his hands ALL THE TIME
*Being the favorite sibling to each of his brothers

Weight: 12 lbs 3 oz
Height: 23 1/8
Head: 41 1/4 cm
(3 months)
 (2 months)
(1 month)

And for comparison...

(Noah 3 months)
(Hudson 3 months)
 (Jack 3 months)
 (Ryder 3 months)


Life Lately

To say we've had a lot going on lately would be an understatement. So many life changes. So many kids. So much noise. So much adventure. So many goodbyes and so much packing. So little blogging. I am going to do my best to do a quick recap of the happenings as of late. Alternate title...longest blog post in the history of the blog. 
 Three days before Noah was born we found out Brandon's position was being eliminated due a company restructuring. As of last Monday he started a new position. In the interim of those two dates we've had sweet Noah, put a house up for sale, had seven showings, sold our house, put an offer on a new house, and moved our family and all our belongings two and a half hours south. We are hoping this Friday to close on our new house and begin our new adventure. Thankfully, throughout the whole process Brandon was able to be home with us and we were never without income. What could have been a very stressful time just didn't end up being so because it was such a treat to have Brandon home everyday with us. Every dad should have ten weeks off after a baby is born. While it wasn't super stressful, we are definitely looking forward to some down time as we settle into our new house and city. 
We said goodbye to Brandon's grandpa, Keith. We are so happy he got to meet and hold his namesake. I hope that someday Noah Walker is just as tender,  as hardworking, and a family man just like his Papa Keith Walker.
The boys have really done well during all the transition and travel. The are as sweet and rowdy as ever.
Ryder is loving Kindergarten. He had his first school friend over to the house. He journaled daily where he shared family secrets like when we had an invader in our house the previous night he had this to say in his journal.
I had a bat in my house.
Instead of playing dodgeball during gym class, Ryder learned some karate moves from a karate instructor. As you can imagine there has been lots of this going on as well as lots of hiyas.
Jack! He is just the most fun kid. Seriously, the stuff he comes up with is so creative. 
He asked Miss Sally (the boys' hairdresser) to make an X on the top of his head. She didn't bat and eye went to work styling according to his request. Jack was elated with the results.
 "I'm riding my motorcycle and reading my magazine."
He still loves to sit with anyone and go through a catalog and ask what is your favorite thing on each page.  
 He dressed himself "fancy" all by himself for our friends that were coming over to play that day. 
 He's never bored because he does things like make statues out of cups and stick a straw up in the water dispenser of the fridge to get a little drink.
Hudson is still the charmer of the family. He can't help but win people over. I even caught him waiving to cars passing us on the road the other day. He's doesn't know a stranger.
He definitely holds his own with his older brothers. He doesn't take anything from them. Notice Ryder under that mattress Hudson is on top of.
Noah (or The New Baby as the boys like to call him) is a little peanut. He is awake more and more everyday and the night for that matter.
He likes to bat at the toys on his bouncy chair.
 And there is no question when he is not happy.