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Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

There were tears, there was fighting, there was pouting, there was excitement, there was happiness. This movie pretty much sums up all the crazy fun we have in less than a minute.
Memories made and our tree is decorated! 
(Thanks Kylee for setting this little video of our family to music. You da best! Also, for some reason my videos only play on computers. Just an FYI.)

 What a guy.
Be still my heart.


Thanksgiving 2014

Hudson "helping" me make the mashed potatoes.  
My only photo from the Kinder Thanksgiving.  
Ryder got to keep his class pet, Chip, for the weekend.  
Rodriguez Thanksgiving
One sweater worn four times on our baby boys' first Thanksgivings


School Fun

Gsa Gsa tagged along with Ryder's class to Stoney Creek Farms. From the pictures, I am a little jealous I didn't get to go. 
Falcon Fest. Ryder and Jack had a great time at Ryder's school carnival. The games were so creative. 
 The day before Thanksgiving, Ryder had a little program. He sang and was doing the motions. This is a huge step up from him giving me the stink eye and not moving a muscle the last time he had to get up on stage. My boy's getting big. 
The cheering squad


Four Months

Our sweet baby is four months old. So much has happened since he has been born I feel he could be two years old. We are enjoying lots of baby snuggles and doing our best to make him smile. Some things he's been up to this month...
 *rolling onto his side
*laughing and smiling lots
*drooling, drooling, and more drooling
*enjoying his Bumbo for short periods
*waking up constantly
*losing hair and getting a bald spot in the back (it is weird to see after two babies with so much hair)
*grabbing at toys
*sucking on anything he can get in his mouth
*trying his best to sit up (if he isn't laying completely down, he can pull himself up to a sitting position. then he promptly tips over)
*watching all the action in his crazy house
(4 months)
(3 months)
 (2 months)
(1 month)

And for comparison...
(Noah 4 months)
(Ryder 4 months)
(Hudson 4 months)
(Jack 4 months)


It's Bumbo Time

Noah loves his Bumbo. He isn't super fond of most "keep baby happy while you aren't holding them" contraptions but the Bumbo he seems to enjoy. He likes to be in the middle of the action which the Bumbo allows him to be. 

 Also after 5 and a half years, my boys have started coloring and doing art projects. It's so much fun. And quiet. 
(Note all the cleaning contraptions in this picture. Gotta squeeze in cleaning when you can.)


Life Lately

I seriously never know what contraption Jack is going to come up with next. I present you with his airplane...
 A baby snake was found in our backyard. Eep! Or totally option depending on which Rodriguez you are. 
 Noah was not a fan of all the noise. I feel ya, Buddy. 
 Ryder and Prince spent time over the course of several days coloring this drawing of a house. Of course, the toilet was clogged and overflowing into the rest of the house. Potty humor, I just don't get it. 
 The Bozo game at Grandma Susan's school carnival.
 If I try to get a good picture with all four boys at once there is usually a lot whining and bribing. I think I have discovered the key. Try to take a picture of just one of them. Then they all rush to be in the picture. Who knew? 
 Jack and Gsa Gsa made mummy dogs.