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Christmas 2014

Aunt Kylee captured this perfect little Christmas picture of Jack. He's the sweetest. 
 Instead of visiting Santa in the mall, this year we went to an outdoor mall that had a little house set up for Santa. You waited in a room across the street and then when they were ready for you, you got to visit with Santa in the house. We had to wait for an hour which was pretty easy peasy with all the activities they had set up for the kids. (Brandon did take Noah for a little drive while the older boys and I waited.) Let's just say this was waaaaaaay better than standing in line. 
 Then it was our turn. Seriously, look at Jack's face. 
 Hudson's love for trains runs so deep that instead of caring that he was on Santa's lap he just used him as a stool to see the trains better. 
And then this happened. Now if I could just figure out how to photoshop Brandon and myself in the picture, we'd finally have the elusive family photo of all six of us. 
The boys got some really thoughtful, fun gifts. Everyone is always so generous to them. 
Jack made those glasses.
 Ryder's outfit to Gsa Gsa and Papa's house. 
 Noah enjoying his first Christmas.
 The train! It was quite the hit.
So were the presents.
 Finally got a good one. There were tears, bribing, and many many outtakes. Persistence pays off. 
 Our only family shot. Hudson is giving Noah a kiss. 
 Santa came! Noah woke up and was back down before any of the boys woke up. It was hard for me to wait. Then Jack finally woke up at almost 8:15.
 We still had to wait on Hudson and Ryder for almost a half an hour.
 Merry Christmas!
 Santa left little shaving kits in their stockings. The boys could not stop shaving!
More Christmas fun.
 My first gift from Ryder. It was a calendar with different designs made out of his fingerprints. 
What a wonderful Christmas season. Already looking forward to next year. Somebody remind me to take more pictures! 


5 Months

Here is what Noah has been up to this month...
*rolling from back to front twice (both times no one saw him roll)
*loving his jumperoo
*putting everything in his mouth (his favorites are his toes)
*starting to get a tooth! 
*talking to people
*blowing raspberries
*waking up twice a night to eat
*playing with toys
*learning to take a bottle
*taking good naps (Jack is helping me and this is his addition)
*preferring to be held
*growing old man hair (long in the back and sides and bald on the top and front)

Weight: 15 pounds 8 ounces
Height: 25 inches
Head: 43.5 cm
five months
four months
three months
(two months)
(one month)

And for comparison...
(Noah 5 months)
 (Ryder 5 months)
(Jack 5 months)
(Hudson 5 months)


Ho Ho Ho

Apparently Santa has the magic to make them all smile and look at the camera. 
Merry Christmas to all!


{Snapshot} Ryder Joseph @ 5 years and 9 months

Six months ago when we purchased tennies without velcro you promised to learn to tie your shoes. And you did! I do miss you being a baby sometimes but it is an absolute joy and privilege to watch you learn each new skill. Last night you clipped your own fingernails and were sure to announce to your brothers that they were not allowed to clip their nails until they were five. 
Then there is kindergarten. You are loving it. Your favorite subjects are gym and recess. Go figure. You like spending the day with your friends. You don't talk about school much. I used to force you to answer three questions about your day. What is your favorite thing that happened? What is the funniest thing that happened? What is the worst thing that happened? Now you remind me when I don't remember to ask you. It's a precious part of my day that I hope we do until you graduate. One can dream right?
Just when it seems all your baby is gone, you go and sleep in your new winter hat. 
Writing isn't your favorite thing to do at school. But I can see so much improvement from the beginning of the year when you didn't even know all your letter sounds. I can't tell you the number of times you have had me listen to you count to 100. 
 You are still as physical as ever. Thankfully, our new house has a big backyard and driveway as well as one of your best friends, Prince, right across the street. You have lots of outlets to get all your energy out.
You love to play outside and jump on the trampoline. You are sensitive to other's feelings (most of the time). Your favorites are How To Train your Dragon, playing lightsabers, sweatpants, and sweet treats.
Ry guy, you rock. We love you so much. 


{Snapshot} Jack William @ 4 years and 4 months

Jackers, you make everything more fun. Even finding an apple with a cute little green leaf is photo worthy in your opinion. You find joy in whatever you are doing and spread it to all around you. 
And the carwash is almost more than you can handle. 
 My sweet little gift giver. You love to make me take selfies with you even when I am not looking picture worthy. When you sleep you have to have the silky part of your blanket on your neck and you prefer your cereal without milk. You feel all the feels the max. There is no masking your emotions. The cadence to the way you speak is the absolute cutest. You love watching television, doing science experiments, and jumping. You don't like bananas or being interrupted. Your imaginative play is amazing to watch. You are quick to share with your brothers (most of the time). Your favorites are Batman, the orange and blue Ninja Turtles, and magazines.  
 You memorized the commercial for Flipeez hats, so I couldn't pass up this Batman one for you when I saw it at the drug store. Your excitement did not disappoint. As much as you loved it, you let Ryder wear it to school the next day. Such a giving heart you have. 
 You are nothing if not passionate. This past Halloween about killed me. All the talk of zombies and mummies. When you find something you are interested in, you can become a little obsessed focused. But now as we are in the Christmas season it is so much fun. You are all about Christmas lights and nutcrackers. 
To the moon and back, Jack William.