I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Most of January

Since upgrading to a smart phone I have been better at snapping photos throughout our day. Sitting down to upload them to the computer and blog is another story. Here is our highlight reel from the beginning of 2015 so far. 
 Ryder's loving school and not so much the homework. He plugs away until it is done though.
 Look at those thighs. Swoon.
 Date night with our tag along. 
 Brandon is such a great help to me when we go shopping. Allowing me to breeze through the aisles kid free. 
 Trying out the sling. They are so helpful. Why do none of my babies ever like them?
 Noah has been enjoying his exersauser. 
 Real life, people. It ain't always pretty. 
 Sometimes when you are the youngest of four boys you might be handed this instead of a baby toy.
 Trying out the highchair. 
 Much prefers it with toys.
 Entertaining ourselves with games
 and trains.
 The older three and I went to see Paddington Bear. Hudson's first time to go to the movies. He loved it and sat still and munched popcorn through the whole show.  
 We finally got the scrubs some haircuts. 
 Lots of visits to the hardware store.
 Ready for some food.
 No, thanks. 
 Hudson insisted that I put a cape on him and Noah and on this picture being taken. 
 Practicing sitting up.
 I'm trying to be in more pictures with the boys. The iPhone is so helpful with that. 
 Jack snapped the above two. 
 Ryder painted half the tail and promptly declared it done. The kid does not like crafts. He told me the other day he loves all the specials except for art. 
 My non mobile muse
 Noah can ride in the front of a cart now. 
 I was laying down to try and get Jack to take a little nap with me. He was being so stink in' cute and ornery.
  Hudson really enjoys playing and talking with Noah. I think he is going to have a lot of fun as Noah gets older. 

 Noah can also sit in a high chair.
He legitimately rolled that section of the wall. I didn't go over it. I can see many advantages to the boys getting bigger. 


Happy Half Birthday, Noah Walker

What Noah has been up to this month...
*sitting up unassisted for short periods of times
*not interested in rolling at all 
*enjoying sitting in his high chair
*showing no interest in solid foods
*watching all the action going on around him
*loving being face to face with you
*working on that same bottom tooth he was last month 
*growing crazy hair
*getting happy (Noah seems to have turned a corner as far as his mood is concerned. We are venturing out a little and he does pretty well for the most part. We are all very thankful for this!)

six months
five months
four months
three months
(two months)

(one month)

And for comparison...
(Noah- six months)
(Hudson- six months)
(Jack-six months)
(Ryder-six months)


King for the Day

Ryder has had quite the teeth ordeal. So today he had a procedure to try and fix it all. It was emotional and hard to see your child go through that. It makes me so thankful for their health and the mundane everyday things. Anyways, all is fixed and he is doing great! The night before we let him fill his belly with whatever he wanted since he couldn't eat the next day. We let him chose the restaurant, IHop. He got to put each type of syrup on his pancakes and have a refill of chocolate milk. Then he got to stay up late watching cartoons in hopes he'd sleep in longer (which worked), and he even got to sleep in our bed. At dinner he said "It's like I'm a king!". 


Left Overs from 2014

 Over nights at Aunt Kylee's 
 I know soon enough Ryder will know his middle name is Joseph, but I'm going to always treasure the memory of him saying "Jofess". And the time he sounded it out and spelled it for the first time. 
 Noah loves, loves, loves his jumper. It is probably the biggest help to his fussiness. 
 Poor fourth child!
 We loved the warmer December. The boys took full advantage of it. 
Me and my guys. 
Love, love, love them!