I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Waiting for Spring

We've pretty much been doing the same things over and over lately. As you'll see from the pictures. We are anxiously awaiting spring's arrival.  
 Hudson in his beloved baseball shirt that he wants to wear all the time. 
 We just completed a little project that was weeks in the making. Because when you have four little boys, you can only do so much at a time. Buying lumber and getting it cut was this weeks to do. 
 Demo-ing was the next week's. 
 Lots of little apprentices. 
 Papa's birthday! It was a gorgeous weekend. With a high of 55, the boys were outside the entire two days. Except for this cake break, of course. 
 Ryder made this project in art class. Jack was dying to recreate it. Hudson was dying to eat all his marshmallows. 
 Jack got invited to his first birthday party for a little girl down the street. He was so happy about it. He even picked out a gift which was perfectly suited to her. He has such a gift giving heart. 
 Jack started swim lessons. 
 Ryder started karate. 
 Homework after school in the afternoon sun. 
 So many helpers. 
 Ryder's sweet valentine to me. It reads...
to Alex
I like you
you keep me safe!
 Lots and lots of books. 
 Hudson is in swim lessons too. 
 After much work the boys' earned donuts. We tried out the local shop near our house. Perfect.
 Noah is one loved little brother. 


Noah Lately

 He loves Brandon sooooo much. Noah squeals when he gets home and shakes when he sees him come into a room. He randomly woke up with a fever last week and I could not comfort him. Brandon takes him from me and within ten seconds Noah was blowing raspberries.

Hudson Lately

 Don't be fooled by this cute picture. He's not getting it.
 This is Hudson giving you two thumbs up.
 We've been taking lots of baths to pass the time.
 I was feeding Noah when I saw Hudson walking through the living room with his muddy boots on. I asked him to take them off because they were dirty. When I finished feeding Noah I walked into the kitchen to find Hudson cleaning his boots. He forgets that he is two.