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Ryder's Sixth

And just like that, he wakes up a six year old.
 He was full of all sorts of emotions as he dined on his breakfast.
 My lunch buddies
 For months Ryder has been asking if we could go to a Mexican restaurant because he wanted to wear the hat and have the birthday song sung to him. Then after months of waiting the moment came. He was mortified. I thought he was going to cry. While putting him to bed I finally had a chance to ask him about it. His exact words... "I wish I could have kept that umbrella. (I figured out he meant sombrero, but I felt embarrassed." I'm glad he was brave and did it even though it was scary.  
 Recovering with dessert
 How did this kiddo get to be six?
And the weekend before his birthday we visited with Papa Joe to celebrate his birthday. Papa Joe was nice enough to share his cake with Ryder and Brayden since their birthdays were close too. 
 Ryder also had a little friend party a few days later. Riding in the car with six year olds is hilarious. If you ever get the opportunity, jump on it!
Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy! To the moon and back. 


Eight Months

eight months
seven months
six months
five months
four months
three months
two months
one month

And for comparison...
                              Noah                                         Ryder       
                               Jack                                         Hudson 


Making the Best of the End of Winter

In honor of this being the last day of winter, here are the last of our snowy pictures. 
 My little Halloween lover saw a project in a magazine to make a zombie mouth out of jelly, pistachios, and bagel. Only Jack!
 Jack hasn't napped for a few months now. He has about an hour of quiet time a day. Usually he completely destroys a room and is begging for it to be over, but not this day!
 Who knows what's going on here? 
These boys, they know how to make some fun. 
 Jack loves when I make a face with his food. Hudson likes to do a more abstract creation.
 Jack HAD HAD HAD to get this hat for Gsa Gsa's birthday. 
 Snug as a bug for our walk.


Noah's First Trim

The Before...
Look at those sweet curls. I miss them. 
 The After...
 How does a tiny trim age them so much?