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Life Lately

 We were walking around WalMart. The boys were being great. All of a sudden Ryder and Hudson come up saying they "didn't know it was wet". They had touched a pole that was in the middle of an aisle that had just been painted but wasn't marked. So weird!
 Swim lessons
 Don't be fooled Noah is just chewing on the bottle after he is done. He STILL won't hold his own bottle.
 Ryder got this kid's chess game for Christmas. Jack is loving it. 
 Safety first!
 Noah loves baths too. Due to some skin issues we've been being more consistent with baths. I'm pretty sure it is his favorite time of the day. 
 Hudson sleeps in this hat. The boy loves accessories. 
 He's dipping his apples in BBQ sauce. 
 We switched Noah to a big carseat. He likes it more than this photo would suggest. 
 A glimpse into my Saturday morning view. The boys love to watch the Star Wars trailer.  


Nine Months

nine months
eight months
seven months
six months
five months
four months
three months
two months
one month

And for comparison...
(Noah)                                    (Hudson) 
(Jack)                                (Ryder)


Soccer Saturdays

The Sharks
Jack #8
The Purple Dragons or Butterflies (The co-ed team is going to vote next game. Ha! I'm sure 50% of the team will be happy.) 
Ryder #9


Spring Break

Rain, rain go away.
Entertaining ourselves indoors due to lots of rain
 Soaking up the outside time when it wasn't raining.


 It is always interesting to discover what they decide to play on the trampoline.
 We went to the Children's Museum one day. I dressed them all in orange to keep better track of them.  Just call me the woman who lived in a shoe.


Swim Lessons

Littlest brother gets dragged along to Jack and Hudson's swim lessons. Thankfully, he seems to like it.