I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Misc. May

My wish for this year while Ryder was at school was these two would become better friends. Wish granted!
Finally started eating solids
Time to get a dog.

Breaking in Gsa Gsa and Papa's pool thanks to an unusually hot May.

This baby can empty a package of wipes in thirty seconds flat. 

He got some bottom teeth!
 Visited Bruce Lake with Grandma and Grandpa

 Summer starts when Papa Joe gets his cows.

The boys' soccer season ended. Jack's game got rained out, so I don't have any photos. They both enjoyed playing. We'll see if they decide to do it next season.
We did a little rearranging and painting. 
One thing we did was move the playroom out of the room it was in and create a ball room. They play in their all the time. I am sure I'll especially love it in the winter. 
Looking forward to June.


Family Pics

With my birthday and Mother's Day both in the same month I was sure to let the boys know that I wanted a family picture. 
 They only take serious pictures if we agree to do silly ones afterwards. I think it is hilarious that it looks like Noah is playing along. 
I love my people!


End of School and the fun activities that come with it

 Bike to School Day
 Little brothers who very much look forward to riding their bike to school some day.
 On our way to pick up Prince and Ryder.
 Biking to school is not for the weak.
 I got to be Ryder's "Special Person" in his class. It was a racing theme and here we made candy race cars.

 Author Night
Ryder read his non-fiction book about jaguars. 
 Ryder loves his teacher. He does not love me asking to take a picture with her thus the funny smile. 
And look how big he's gotten...