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What did we do all summer long without Papa and GsaGsa's pool?
If Noah gets a hold of a pack of wipes, there toast.
Hudson's June obsessions included "bae-ball" and packing bags full of random things for his "precool"
Brandon's work's company picnic
Noah shakes whenever he thinks he is going outside because he is so excited.
Hudson's hair got a little long
The boys have been eating their weight in fruit


11 Months

What Noah has been up to this month...
*pointing at things he wants/ or where he wants to be taken
*giving high fives
*turning lights on and off 
*sleeping through the night half of the month (nothing consistent)
*attached to his lovies (he does not sleep well without them)
eleven months
ten months
nine months
eight months
seven months
six months
five months
four months
three months
two months
one month

And for comparison...

Noah                                         Hudson
 Jack                                         Ryder