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The Rest of July

 The boys and I were baking something and ran out of oil. I texted a neighbor who said I could use some of hers. We took a nice little stroll in the pouring rain. It was so much fun. Plus I was so thankful to have a neighbor to call. We are loving our new city even though it is not as new anymore.
 The boys got haircuts and suckers.
 Noah pulled himself up in his crib for the first time. (July 19, 2015)
 Loads of swimming
 Decorating and rearranging the boys' rooms. Notice the photographer over in the corner of the picture.
 Hudson got a new tee.

 Jack discovered his love of Legos. I love how long they hold his attention.
 Hudson playing quietly until he gets tired enough to go to bed.
 He made me take this pic with his creation. I could just eat him he is so sweet.
 Jessie and her kids came to visit.  Everyone played so well together. It is such fun to have visitors.
 Miniature golfing with six kids. It was so hot. I wasn't too optimistic of it going well. It went great. The kids just zoomed through and loved it.
 In the rearranging we did, we hung two kid size guitars we have. The boys like to get them down and pretend they are playing, but to this point no actual guitar practice has happened.
 Ryder found an old photo album and spent a while pouring over it.
 The cable guy came to cut some wires so we could make a fire pit. The days entertainment.
 Slip and slide
 Hudson with the premature slide.
 He then crawled across.
 Helping to make the fire pit.
 Boys, boys, boys always hanging on me.
 Jack and Hudson decorated their cakes before their joint pool party (along with Noah)


Noah Turns One

How old are you going to be tomorrow, Noah?
I had to wake this boy up on his birthday. That won't last long.
Good morning!

Breakfast with the Birthday Boy
The sweet waitress was so kind to bring Noah a birthday pancake which I may or may not have eaten most of it myself.
Ryder, Jack, and Hudson were staying at Gsa Gsa and Papa's house, so Noah and I went over midday so they could sing to him. I forgot to bring something, so we improvised with a granola bar. The funniest thing is that I didn't even think about it being weird until someone pointed it out. You gotta learn how to roll with it in this family. 
We all love you so much Noah Walker. 


Maine Vacation

We left at 4:15AM. Only to have to turn around for something we forgot and releave at 5AM. We got to Portland at 12:30AM. It couldn't have gone better, minus less traffic and getting there sooner, of course. The boys did so well even poor Noah who didn't have a clue what he was getting into when we woke him up and strapped him in his carseat so early in the morning. 
I scoured the internet for ideas to entertain the boys on the road. A huge hit was tape. I gave them each a roll and told them they could do whatever they wanted with it. Ryder and Jack chose to tape their mouths shut. Win, win.
Look at that sweet baby boy!
Whatever it takes to make the time pass faster.
We packed all the food and drinks we'd need for the entire trip. We stopped on average every four hours for about forty-five minutes to an hour. 
Brandon had promised the kids at some point he'd wrestle them. I don't think he knew what he was getting into when he made the deal. 
Perks of having friends with responsible older children is getting to sneak off in the afternoon sans kids.
The kids played so well together. It's fun to watch them building friendships.

We went to The Lobster Shack which has the most beautiful view. Sadly, it was so foggy we could hardly see any ocean until we were about to leave. The boys didn't seem to mind at all. 
Hudson wanted to look through this so badly. I let him, but I didn't put any money in it. He couldn't see a thing. When he finished, he said "That was awesome!".
Fort Williams

Even Noah got a little taste.
Buds hugging goodbye.
The trip home is never as fun. We did break it into two days, spending the night in a hotel and letting the boys swim before we got on the road in the morning. 
Thanks Pfaffs for a wonderful visit.