I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


August Misc.

So thankful for a husband who lets me have some alone time in the evenings. It's really hard to leave those faces though.
Jack continued to spend lots of time with Legos.
It was confirmed by an allergist that Noah has a peanut allergy. The above picture was the extent of his first reaction. Thankfully, no meds needed the first time. We are now set with an action plan and epi-pens since every exposure can be different and more serious. 
Noah loves, loves, loves to pull out the silverware while I'm loading the dishwasher. Then he'll carry one around with him for a while. 
Hudson, Jack, and I got to meet the newest Penn, Kallie Carolyn. She's tiny and perfect. Hudson was in love. He cried on the way home because we forgot "our baby". We aren't used to being around a baby and it not being ours.

Brandon was out of town for a week. I let the boys take turns sleeping in our bed with me. Our bed is too small for three of us, so I soaked up my extra time with them while Brandon was away.
Just when I start to get sad about my first born starting FIRST grade, I come down to see him dressed like this and playing pretend. Just what my heart needed. Stay young, little guy.
Jack's solution to Ryder having the fan on Level 3.
Ryder's solution to the fan blowing right on him. Why do they have to be such opposites?
Park in pjs.  
Uncle Brandon meets Kallie and she is not too sure about it.
Crazy how much they grow in a year.
Hudson's first time "driving" through the carwash.
My quiet time spot this summer. Even though I can get a lot accomplished while everyone is napping or playing quietly, I am a much happier if I spend a while relaxing and reading with the fan blowing right on me. It's where Ryder gets it. 

Noah cruises everywhere.

They were so well behaved the stylist gave them two suckers.
Brennan's third birthday party.

Warm morning walks to the bus stop.
Jack lost a filling eating a nectarine and now has a space in his front teeth. 

When your boys take the shelves you are trying to hang and make car tracks.

Ryder dressed and styled Hulk in all of his baseball gear and got the biggest kick out of himself. 

Pretty much explains how I feel on school mornings. Also, I'm eating Noah who is wearing Christmas jammies in August.
Every morning Ryder gives all of us a quick kiss as he sees the bus approaching. We all give him big waves as he drives past us.
Hudson wore super hero costumes out and about more days than not in August.
Eagle Creek Park
Dad and his ducklings

He calls this his light saber. 


Back To School

A little back to school date for sushi and sneakers. 
They offered him an etch-a-sketch to play. He spent the entire time pre dinner looking at that thing. He wasn't very talkative. I'll have to work on that before he actually starts dating.
Back to school night. He got to choose which desk would be his. 
And here we go again.
Picking up Prince before heading to the bus.
First grade, here he comes.