I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


Most of September

 Brandon has lots and lots of helpers whenever he has some work to do.
 Made it to the dentist early only to discover Hudson had no shoes on. Ugh!

 Grocery shopping is always an adventure with this crew.

 Jack's reading of choice for the next couple of months.

 Our last swim in the pool for year. It was a sad day.

Going out with a bang. Jack jumped off the diving board with no floaties. 
 Homework nook
Ryder got his first loose tooth. About a week and a half later Noah hit him in the mouth and knocked it out. We never did find the tooth. Thankfully, the Tooth Fairy accepted a letter instead of a tooth. 
Hudson out of nowhere banished Huck to the toy bin. He doesn't even want him on his bed. His little lovey is "not his best friend anymore". 
 Meeting Brandon for a picnic lunch at a park by his work.

We had lots of picnics this month. The weather was gorgeous. 

 I'd lay a blanket out right before Ryder got off the bus. Then we'd do homework and play outside until Brandon got home. Two hours every evening. Can it be September again?
At least Noah is happy about learning to climb onto the table. 

 Ryder did his own hair. It had globs of gel in it, but he was so happy with it.

 I got to go on a little get away with my college friends. Brandon held down the fort all weekend. Husband of the year.

Jack had orientation for his preschool. 

Noah is into everything and when he's not he is at my feet.  

The spoils from our tree we cut down this summer.  
 Noah is obsessed with outside. He is elated anytime he's out there exploring.
 And the boys learned how to scale our house.