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October 2015

Jack started preschool.  He is the most excited person to ever go to school. He is not going to know what to do with himself when he starts kindergarten. 
I dropped him off. He didn't even look back. 
Noah was newly walking and testing, a whiny combination. 
Lots of wrestling
Hudson's first ride in a taxi. 
Jodie and Phil's wedding

Hudson ordered the green eggs and ham for breakfast.
Jack's favorite thing in the world is staying at a hotel. He asks about it all the time. Jack skipped the wedding and stayed back at the hotel with Grandma Susan, Noah, and Papa Chico. This, of course, caused him to fall asleep mid sucker on the way home.
Noah has an obsession with balloons. The mere sight of them causes him to shiver with delight. 
Too much fun in one weekend.
Our neighbors did a great job making their yard super spooky. We visited often.
Hudson and I crashed Ryder's school lunch

We visited our neighbor's yard a lot this month.
Leaves, leaves, leaves. 

And lots of talk of what we would be for Halloween.
Noah is going to have soooooo much fun this Christmas.
The pumpkin patch.

Be still my heart.
More leaves. Seriously, so many leaves.

Getting some exercise in. I was bench pressed too. No you can't see any pictures, but I'm sure the boys would love to tell you about it. 

The Grube family gifted us the best gift ever. We are going to have so much fun biking. 
Poor littlest brother is stuck inside.
Halloween is Jack's love language. I took him the Children's Museum haunted house. 
Crazy hair day.
Fall party at school

I was hoping for a lot more years of sweet costumes. They were so adamant about being zombies. At one point, I commented on someone dressed up as a smily face emoji. Jack quickly said "but that's not even spooky". 
Jack got really into character.
 Trick or treating in Logan

At least Noah let me dress him as something cute. 
Trick or treating in our neighborhood. We lasted an hour and then headed home to pass out candy. 
Happy Halloween