I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


January 2016

 Quick visit with Grandma Susan and Papa Chico on New Year's Day
 We got a last minute call offering us four tickets to the Purdue/Iowa game. Yes, please!

  Ry thought it was a bit loud.
 The boys enjoyed seeing a little of Purdue's campus.
 Thank you so much to Joe and Kristi for thinking of us. 
 Noah's first trip on the escalator. 

 First haircut where he sat on his own. 

 Puddle jumping in January thanks to some very temperate weather. 

 Day date to take Jake back to Kylee's. 
 The boys got to enjoy this fine art work from my bachelorette party ten years ago. 

 The Park. It doesn't matter where we are. This is what they do. 
 Snow delay!

First snow delay donut run!

 Poor little Noah. Next year, buddy.
 Working hard shoveling the...grass. 
 Noah is into everything. Nothing is safe. 
 Finally busted out this gift Hudson got for Christmas. These pictures are so cute, but the experience was messy and a little stressful. Don't be fooled.

 Jack came up with an indoor slide. 

 Killing time during Ryder's basketball game.

 And a weekend visit from these lovelies. 


December 2015

I just love December. This year was no different.
Jack has gotten bit by the crafting bug. All day, everyday he wants to "make something". It's adorable and messy. Paper everywhere! Hudson sometimes joins in with gloves on, of course.
 Speaking of making things, Jack really wants to build a school house out of the wood from the tree we cut down this summer. I'm not quite sure where he gets these ideas, but he usually figures out a way to make them happen. We'll see. Anyways, I talked him into just using our dining room as a school room. I moved on to my next task, and Jack literally sneaked out of our house and walked down to our neighbors house to invite their youngest two kids over for art school. So Jack had art school. Above is Hudson's Santa. He swore he could do it "by his self". And he did!
 Cocoa and the Grinch
 We dropped the younger two off at Gsa Gsa and Papa's and went to see the lights at the zoo with Jack and Ryder. It's fun to split them up once and a while.
 They had animals in lights everywhere. Jack made us stop and take a picture of every single one. I now have over thirty pictures like these. 
 The boys (Brandon included) were so nice about my endless quest to get a good selfie with the lights in the background. Jack had no fun at all at the zoo. None.
 Got it.
 I needed a couple things from the store to make some Christmas goodies. Never a dull moment with this gang. It's a Christmas miracle no one lost a finger as much as they were climbing all over the cart.
 It was such a warm December. The boys played outside everyday it didn't rain. I am sooooo very thankful for that.
 Speaking of Jack crafting. He made lots people, Ryder included homemade boxes with little goodies inside. Seriously, the sweetest thing ever.
My only request for Christmas was a picture of the boys in their Christmas jammies. They tried really hard to grant my request. I could tell they were trying so hard. Also, Noah's toes! 
Noah has really become one of the boys this month. He wants to do everything they are doing. Most of the time the boys are good about it. Unless Jack just wants a picture him and the coolest sleeping bag ever made.  
That's better.  
Twas the night before Christmas...
Santa came!
  The boys don't get a ton from us (or Santa). We try really hard to find things they will love. It is such a joy to watch them opening their things on Christmas morning. They were so excited. I just love it.
 Could there be a better reaction to opening a gift?

 Enjoying the spoils
 Merry Christmas
 The week after Christmas always seems easy because the boys are so into all their new things. 
 And they are worn out from all the activities around Christmas.

 New Year's Eve 2015