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Ryder Turns 7

 My sweet Ryder Joseph turned 7. 
 A family bowling party was requested to celebrate. How was I to say no? 

     You made me a momma and I am beyond thankful for you. You are a lover of games, a jokester, a numbers guy. Physical to the max. You are competitive, quick to apologize, tenacious, and strong willed. You give me a hug each morning before you leave for school, and I hope that never changes. These seven years have been my privilege. I love you! 


March 2016

Homemade race car track
 They traded possessions. Noah is obsessed with these super hero books Ryder got from the book fair. He carries them around everywhere and calls them "Man".
 The last snow of the year. Hudson, like everything in his life, enjoyed it to the fullest.

 The boys got these sleeping bags for Christmas. They are seriously one of the best gifts they've ever gotten. They have been played with so many different ways and every once and while they even get used to sleep in. 

 Every single time we go to Target, my boys have to jump on the red ball.
 Gsa Gsa's birthday.
 Jack made a DIY paper airplane kit and then set up a stand. My little entrepreneur. 

 Girl's night to celebrate the birthday girl.

 After almost ten years in a full bed, we upgraded to a king. We ordered the mattress from an online company. It showed up in a box on our doorstep in a relatively small box considering it contained a king mattress. Crazy! But we all fit. 

 Hudson got to go on a solo weekend trip to Aunt Kylee's. 
 The Canal on St. Patty's Day with our four lucky charms.

 Noah gave Jack a black eye. Noah also knocked out Ryder's first tooth (which was already really loose). Those fourth boys!
 The weather was unusually warm. We took full advantage.
 Jack got his own tool kit for Christmas. He used his very own wrench to remove his training wheels without any help. Then proceeded to learn how to ride a bike. Once he makes up his mind there is no stopping him.

 Dyeing Easter eggs.

 Papa Joe's birthday
 Easter baskets 
 These two boys are so excited about everything. It is a lot of fun to get them gifts.