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April 2016

A zoo trip to kick off Spring Break
 Science experiments

Mexican food

 A trip to the arcade
 The Park
 A trip to the Hankins' house
 A trip to the Schering's house

 Lots of loading four boys into the van. 
 A night of barbecue. 
It was one of those nights that I could relive over and over. Everyone was happy and we just enjoyed each other and our meal. The weather was nice and the food was good. It was so nice, I didn't even mind when ice water got spilled all down my side. 

 Noah is into everything. Seriously! I think he is my orneriest one yet.
 But he's so adorable.

 Ryder showing off his homework. 
 This is Jack's countdown calendar. He was just a tad excited to stay at Papa and Gsa Gsa's for four nights. That stick figure is Gsa Gsa. Ha!
 Leaving on a jet plane.

 The weekend was pretty full with activites, but we were able to fit in a lunch by the sea. It was as wonderful as it looks. 

 Congrats Matt and Charissa

 And of course, we had lots of time with these lovelies. 
 Heading home to our babies.
 I'm getting lots of flowers this spring. 

 After I got back the boys were attached to me. It was a little intense to go from lunch on the beach to this. And Noah's hair looks super styled, but it's just syrup from breakfast. 
 Oh the scrapes. Somebody send bandaids. 
 Noah transitioned to a big boy bed. It was pretty smooth. Aside from waking up a little earlier, he has done a fabulous job.

 I mean how could he not with such a sweet big brother sharing a room with him. Hudson got up to comfort and reassure Noah the first night they were in a room together. 
 A slumber party was in order to commemorate the milestone.