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May 2016

 We found an art website. Jack is really the only one who uses it after the initial drawing, but it was fun the first time. 
 Now that Noah is out of a crib, he sneaks and gets books after we lay him down.
 Mother's Day Tea

 Hudson and his favorite baby.

 Jack designed a shirt in honor of his love for school. He directed everything I wrote. 
 Hudson and Noah did not want to miss out on the fun.

 Scars of summer

 Sneaking to get more toys

 Where did my baby go?
 Jack recreating the face he drew.
 Sign of a weekend well spent.
 It's milk, people!
 I sent Ryder to field day with sunscreen in his bag. He returned like this. 
 Pools open!

 Trying to walk with a one year old. He just wants to look at all the bugs.

 Jack out selling his merchandise.

 Signs of summer: lightening bugs and dirty nails
Brandon's shirt