I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


June 2016

 Noah so wants to be just like his big brothers. It's so funny the things I find him attempting to do. 

Playing in the rain.
Spending our morning watching them reseal our driveway.
Still trying to be big.
I'm not sure what we did, but it doesn't happen a lot anymore that all four fall asleep at the same time.

First dentist appointment.
I got to spend part of Father's Day with my dad. For which I will forever be grateful.
And the second half of Father's Day was spent at a cookout at Grandma and Grandpa Rodriguez's house.
I think this is the last picture of Ryder with all his baby teeth.
When your children occupy every single hairstylist at Sport Clips.
The results.
Noah and Jake spent a lot of time together much to Jake's dislike.
Always, always, always someone wrestling. And usually it is everyone but me.
Company picnic at the zoo in matching shirts.
Jack walked ten feet in front of us reading the map and directed the way.
Everything's an adventure.


My Dad

There are not words to express my love or my sadness or sum up my dad's life but to not acknowledge his death is unimaginable. I've just been avoiding the blog all together for this reason. A huge motivation to blog was knowing he checked in regularly. We miss him dearly and think about him daily.