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July 2016

After a rough June we tried to pack as much fun into July as we could. And we did! 
Sitting on the swing watching my boys just do normal things after being away with my dad for so long was very comforting. 
What is it with boys and weapons?!!?!?!!!!
Happy Burger
Aunt Kylee took Ryder and Jack to Indiana Beach. They had differing opinions on the Ferris Wheel. 
Such a cutie!
Both of 'em
They have a rough life. 
Ryder lost his front tooth while he was at Aunt Kylee's. So thankful for FaceTime. 
Indulging in some BK West.
Fourth of July with the Hankins.
Everyone has a little buddy. I have a feeling we will be recreating this photo on the regular. 
The pyros for the evening.
I took the boys to Square Donuts one morning. Jack asked if we could walk around in "the city". They have these statues of people doing everyday activities which the boys are obsessed with. 
My mom taught Noah, at age 1, to swim with a puddle jumper. It's the cutest and most convenient thing ever.  
The toothless photo shoot
Jack's now a diving board pro.
Brandon's Birthday Bash
Nakey Baby
Jack saw in one of his magazines that they were having a photo contest. He asked us for the selfie stick (white elephant gift). After putting on a hat, he took this gem. There are also about thirty failed attempts to get it just right. I just love him. 
Hudson being brave. Baby steps. 
Noah has claimed this as his chair for the summer. 
The Pfaffs came to visit for a weekend. We had so much fun I didn't take any pictures. They were set to leave on Sunday morning. When we heard their next stop was to see the Reeds in IL, we had to tag along. Five hours later, we arrived to surprise them. So much fun!

Driving home was not as fun. Bathroom break pit stop.
He lost his second front tooth! Cue lots of "All I Want For Christmas" jokes.
Hudson was on a counting money kick. 
And loving the water this year. He now paddles around all over the pool compared to last year where he just liked to sit and play on the step. 
The Hankins sans Jimmy came for a swim day. 
Hudson played pool boy for Papa while he was away on business.  
Jack has gotten really into origami over the summer, so I took him to a class at a store in the mall. First thing he does is teach the group how to make a cootie catcher. Only Jack!
While we were there, we made the most of it. 
Free candy samples. 
And then lunch at his favorite, "Taco Bells"
Lots and lots and lots of hours logged in this pool this summer. 
Dentist appointments
Hudson filled his time with a little maze. Nailed it!

Now that we have two bike riders, we are doing a lot more of it. 
Jack checking out his soon to be playground at his new school.
He's my the only one interested in painting, but he does really enjoy it.
Ryder all geared up for his special day with Papa and GsaGsa. First up, canoeing.
We had the perfect little memorial for my dad followed by dinner together at Riverside Park. 
I've been slowly taking each of the boys to McDonald's for breakfast to eat breakfast and to play a game. Jack chose Monopoly. I got a little twitchy with his money organization system. 
Our smoothie game was strong.
This boy!
They had mini carts that were so adorable until Noah started loading his up with anything and everything he wanted. 
Baby Mabel was born
Us not knowing what to do with a baby girl. 
While Jack was having his special day with GsaGsa and Papa, the other three along with Brennan got to enjoy the Carroll County Fair. 
PetCo to pick out our fish. Noah tried his hardest to convince me to get a furry rodent. 
Doing a great job of not touching an extremely tempting game. 
Jack taught himself to float.
Papa and GsaGsa got some inflatable sharks which are all the rage with our boys.
Well visit
The Scherings generously gave us tickets to see Jim Gaffigan for our ten year anniversary. We went early to eat downtown and found this cute new Mexican restaurant. I've discovered that basically my husband's love language is walking downtown and eating a cool, new restaurant. I know food pics are lame, but my tacos are beef brisket with mashed potatoes and fried onions and Brandon has a fried egg on one of his. All delicious although we both agreed no egg next time.
Jim Gaffigan! 
Our family basically keeps Radio Flyer afloat. 

Owen spent the night. 
2nd Annual Kinder Pool Party
My boys can't get enough of SnapChat aka "face pictures". 
Prince moved to Florida at the end of the month. He spent his last night with us and we packed it with adventures. First, we saw The Life of Pets (Thanks, Papa and GsaGsa for the gift certificate). Then the Monon Center for a little waterpark time. 
Prince gave us one of his old costumes. They spent an hour chasing each other around. 
Sad note to end the month on, but I am happy to report that they have FaceTimed at least five times since he's moved.