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August 2016

Jack and Hudson's pockets were burning with their birthday money. We spent no less than an hour perusing the Game Stop for their Skylander's toys. The above picture is how Noah and I felt the experience. Get me out of here!
But the boys are so happy with their loot. Someone set up and took this lovely picture.
We had Kindergarten round up for Jack. I must admit I am not the least bit sad about Jack going to school because he is so stinkin' excited. 
He has the same teacher that Ryder had. 
Pool party with the Hankins' clan.
This is Jack! He's the funniest.
Jack's been enjoying his new toys. 
I took the boys to Dick's to get a certain picky boy some socks that were super soft ankle socks without weird seams at the toes. While we weren't successful, the older three did enjoy a trips on the escalator.
Noah thoroughly enjoyed Jack and Ryder's back to school ice cream social. 
How Jack felt the night before his first day of kindergarten.
The first day of school
I just love them so. 
Half my heart getting on that bus.

Hudson's been killing me in memory. What is it with kids and their super powers at this game?
Big brothers are home.
We got sooooooo much rain. Rain, rain, rain! The boys enjoyed it every chance they got. 
I realized I hadn't stalked my children while they slept in a while. You are welcome. 
My boys are obsessed with the chiropractor's office. The problem is they get us in so quickly, we have to stay after the visit so they can take advantage of the wonderful waiting room. 
More rain!
Noah has taken a liking to Target. Unfortunately, we have to drive by it quite frequently without stopping. Poor little guy. 
I had to run into the paint store. Hudson and Noah did so well playing quietly. 
Front row seats to some demolition. 
The Second Annual Kinder Pool Party
Hudson taught himself to ride a bike! He got it on his first try thanks to all his hard work on the balance bike. 
Noah tries his hardest to keep up with his big bike riding brothers. You'd be surprised how quickly he goes on his little trikes.
Ryder has been Facetiming a lot with Prince. 
Noah is on a nap strike. He now falls asleep in random places. 
While the boys and I hid out in the bathroom during a Tornado warning, they created their own little tornado. Thankfully, the bathroom was the only damage. 
The tornado warning was lifted but the watch remained. My boys took it literally.
This little fella took a ride in my hair the entire grocery trip. Gross. 
Cashing in on our Colt's tickets with the Pfaffs. Thanks, Gsa Gsa and Papa.
Unlike Ryder who does the typical one word answer to questions about school, Jack enthusiastically answers all my questions and tells me lots of stories and things he's learned. It's fun.
Napping Noah. My boys have the best eyelashes. 
He loves the trampoline. 
Trying to keep him busy during homework time. I wasn't very successful. 
Found Noah with his some Lovies all laid out perfectly.