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September 2016

Since it's warm and light out at the beginning of the school year, the boys rush through their morning routine to go out and ride bikes and scooters. Every morning it is like my own mini Shriners parade. 
Brandon went hiking with his college friends in Colorado for the weekend. The boys and I got creative with some fun things to do. 
 The evening scene every night.
 Ryder thought this was pretty cool. 
Some four square fun  
 Jack can entertain himself in the pool by himself for hours. 

 We got a book from the library that had a kid doing the Nixon peace signs. Now Jack is obsessed with doing them for every picture he can. 
 Hudson usually is the last to wake up. Sometimes its just me and him at the table while he eats his breakfast. 

 Picnic lunch
Exploring Indy. Like father, like son. Ha.  

We took a carriage ride through the downtown.  

See what I mean about the Nixon peace signs? And his little shadow is picking up on it too.  
We found a brand new version of Ryder's Monkey. He also chose a woopie cushion over a piece of candy at this little shop on the circle. Sadly, (or not depending on who you ask) it popped the next day when he tried to jump to forcefully on it while on the trampoline. They did "get" Brandon in the car and it got quite the reaction. 
 Busting out the fall decor.
 Noah conquers the curly slide

Last night in the pool. You know its time to close up shop when Hudson just stays where the heat comes out. Brrrr! 
 Noah is just so in love with his lovies. 
 Doing fun things while the older two are at school like car washes and 
pumping gas. My kids BEG me relentlessly to pump the gas. Lets hope they still feel the same way in ten years.  
We had to drop Papa Chico off at the airport, so we made an adventure out of it. There is much to explore at the airport. 

We let Jack take some pictures... 
And then happy meals at the food court.  
Uncle Bill and Aunt Lisa treated us to Sycamore on their last day of the season.
 Hudson, Noah and I arrived at a park just minutes before the test tornado siren went off for a solid minute. These are my two with sensitive ears too. We were able to rally and enjoy the park a little afterwards.
 We went to the Scherings for the weekend. Why do I never take any pictures while I am there? I did take this one of the boys' game of Othello. It was a very close one. 
There's that Nixon pose again.


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