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October 2016

Sorry for the big gap in time. First trimester sickness paired with iPhoto issues caused a 10 month bit of a delay. Hopefully, I can get caught up soon. 
 Girls weekend in Michigan. While we were away Brandon and Papa took the boys to Air Force Museum.  

Hudson started preschool. It's the same school that Jack was in last year. I thought it would be a better fit for a four year old thus Hudson doing it a year younger than Jack. 
 Ry picked and arranged these flowers for me. 
 The only picture I got of the Falcon Fest. Too many games, too much fun!
 Anyone else's kids obsessed with all the blow up characters around Halloween?
 Sleepy Noah
 So many leaves
 The fire station right by our house held an open house to show off the renovations they had done. 
 Apple Picking
 We only bought what the kids could carry in order to keep the price down. Jack was doing his best to get as many as possible.
 More leaves!
 Eighteen months after his first seizure (which we hoped was a random event), Ryder had a second seizure. His neurologist recommend a sleep deprived EEG. Ryder was so excited to stay up super late. He did great. 
 Noah fighting the nap. 
 It was a warm, wonderful fall. 
 Halloween. The kid in the white (I don't know what character that is) is a neighbor friend. Noah was taking a nap. 
 Crazy hair day. 

Jack wrote his gym teacher a little note. His teacher looks a lot like Tony Dungy and uses the nick name Clony Dungy. His teacher put this on his twitter. 
 Trying to wrangle six littles for family pictures be like. 
 Trick or treating at Uncle Bill's and Aunt Lisa's
 We waited until Halloween day, but we did it. I highly recommend painting pumpkins over carving.