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March 2017

We spent the weekend with the Schering clan. We usually do it at least once a season, but we never take pictures. This time we snapped one. The lone lady, Mabel, didn't make the picture. 
All the rain makes for fun puddle jumping. 
Got another sneak peek at Baby boy #5. Aren't these photos precious?
Happy Birthday, Gsa Gsa!
It was career day at school. Jack wants to be a scientist. He posed and made me draw on the picture like this. 
When Ryder was in kindergarten he wanted to be President of the USA. Both of their choices fit them to a T. 
Little boys are so sweet. 
Ryder had to make an invention that was both useful and silly. Papa and him worked very hard to come up with "The Third Arm" for when you have three little brothers to keep away but only two arms. 
Free cone day at DQ
Noah was very worried about his wrinkly fingers after the bath. 

Jack spent his cooped up days crafting away. 
Never a dull moment.

On the eve of his 8th Bday. He had a dentist appointment to get two teeth removed at 6:45 the next day, so his brothers spent the night at Papa and GsaGsa's and Ryder got to sleep in our bed. What a wonderful eight years!
They all adore their biggest brothers. (most of the time)
Ry chose bowling again for his party. He is actually old enough to try and bowl well. I think he's going to fit right in with his competitive parents.