I'm going to do my best to post once a month. Keep checking back.


May 2017

Brandon accompanied the three older boys to school for Bike to School Day. Hudson was so excited to be able to ride along. Noah stayed home to practice for next year. 
My birthday card from Ryder. 
It was a good Mother's Day/ Birthday
Hudson finished preschool. 
Jack wrote a book about mud puppies. They had a little presentation where each student read their book to the class. 
Schools out for summer! 
Maine or bust!
Noah stayed in Indiana with Papa and GsaGsa. We missed him a lot, but he soaked up the individual attention. FaceTime helps too. 
The boys are such good travelers. Twenty straight hours in the car with no screens and minimal bathroom breaks. 
Jack spent a good amount of time wiggling his loose tooth. 
First tasting of lobster in one of our favorite places in Maine, The Lobster Shack.
The rest of the time we just spent hanging out with friends. 
All that wiggling paid off. 


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